Figures are Fun, No Doubt About It

1-26-13 a 1-26-13

I love drawing the figure. I love experimenting with how far I can push this line or that to exaggerate certain parts of the body. I love drawing arms and hands (and high heels of course), and I continue to constantly switch things up just to get a little fresh perspective. You have to keep going and keep growing if you want to improve, so I do. Even after I am in the illustration and fashion business for years and years I hope I still always strive to learn more and stretch myself so I can be better. I don’t think there is a final “best” to reach in art, there is always higher to go. I will keep reaching until the day comes when I am too old to even hold a pencil. But my great grandpa lived to be over 90 years old and he could still write so I intend on drawing until the day I die. And figures and fashion will always be my favorite.

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