Hard Times Just Make You Stronger.


Man I’ve been having the winter lizard hibernation syndrome hard core! You know how when lizards get out into the cold they slow down and just laze around until their blood warms up and they can move around again? I feel that way every winter! So instead of pletting myself go ahead and petrify away, I have set some goals and created brain-stretching activities for myself. I’ve also set a workout schedule so I can ook more like the girls I draw… Anyways, here are some simple exercizes I’ve been working on recently. I’m planning on uploading much more very soon, and YAY ME I sent out a bunch of mailers today with plans and supplies for a bunch more. I just love fashion illustration! Don’t you? (This is where you emphatically agree). Until soon, stick it out when it’s hard, and when it’s freezing cold outside, and something magical might just happen!

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