Didn’t You Know Giving is Better Than Getting?

12-24-12Merry Christmas! Today is Christmas Eve, and I have had on my mind the love that fills this Holiday season. Stores and people blast the Christmas music that inspires gift giving frenzies, Justin Bieber is just as famous and popular as ever (I do love the mistletoe song….) and everyone is feeling like doing good to others during this festive time of year. I do wish that people were feeling this much love all year round, but I’ll take the peace and joy that comes along in December even if it is only for a while. I feel so happy when I am planning and plotting what I’m going to get for my friends and family. I love the thrill when you have just found the absolute perfect gift, and the expectation of getting it ready and wrapping it in secret, awaiting them opening it and having a wonderful reaction. I love the reaction. It’s my favorite part. It is the single thing that drives me to slave over online stores, Pintrest, and blogs for hours, and even days searching for unique and spectacular ideas of things to do and make. I just love that! The most important thing to me about Christmas is remembering the reason we celebrate it in the first place: to celebrate the birth and life of Christ. For those of you who don’t believe, I am still so happy that it is the time of year that good deeds are done, friends are helped, and love is given. There are so many this year, as there have been in years past that have nothing, but do their best to make the holiday season one full of joy around them. There are those who are in need, and those who stretch out a helping hand, and to all of you who give so wholeheartedly and without hesitation, I admire you. Today’s piece of art is an emotional piece to say thank you to all of you who help the downtrodden. That, to me, is the true meaning of Christmas, and I will continue to admire and respect that. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and feel the love! Merry Christmas!

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