Newer is Better, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Different

12-19-12My very first piece of art in my new Adobe CS6 is finished! I just installed my new software on my brand new Mac Mini. I am so happy to have the ultimate power of an i7 processor, and I am really pleased with how fast and smooth I can create my pieces in photoshop and illustrator now! I know that as opposed to the title of this post, new isn’t always better, but in this case it so is. I am feeling very much like I’m ready for a big job to finish on my awesome new computer. For all those who don’t know how awesome a mac is, or haven’t ever heard of a core i7, it has basically the processing power to run tons of programs simultaneously without slowing down. Add 16 gigs of RAM onto that total, and you will get basically unlimited processing power to run instant photoshop renderings, illustrator at the same time and stream a bunch of videos all at the same time with more speed than even a regular computer can handle with just one program. It is a HUGE upgrade from my laptop which has very limited power and is hard for me to wait for a long time for photoshop to even open. The image for today was created on my newly activated creative suite 6 from Adobe, and I am so excited to live with the unbelievable performance of a beautifully crafted operating system and a packs-a-punch processor. I intend to up the amount of artwork I put out, so keep up with my website, I’ll be updating practically daily!

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