Advertising, Inviting, Graphic Designing OH MY!


So I took a little vacation to renew my creativity and inspire new ideas, and I think they came! I love business cards and I love advertising, so I thought that I would start up some inexpensive alternatives for those looking for high quality design. If you want more, or wish to pay a super affordable rate for logo or business card design, feel free to visit – my new website! Thanks for all those that are keeping up with me! And if you want 15% off, use code SUMMER15 during checkout!August illustration postcard-01 business card-01 business card-02 business card-03 business card-04 business card-05 business card-06 business card-07 business card-08 business card-09 headers advertisement2-02 headers advertisement2-03 headers advertisement2-04 headers advertisement2-05 headers advertisement2-06 headers advertisement2-07 invitations-03 invitations-04 invitations-05 invitations-06 invitations-07 invitations-08 invitations-09 invitations-10

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