So Here’s A HUGE Tangent For You…

I am including some artwork in this post of course, seeing as this is an art blog, and I am an illustrator. I do however want to add a little text along with it explaining how I get my smartphone plan on the cheap. I am one of those crazy diy-ers who loves to make new things for myself. I like to repurpose, I like doing things for cheaper, and I love finding the best deals. So I did a ton of research on the biggest cell phone companies when I switched to a smartphone data plan. I am just one person, and I thought that the only way to get a cheap plan was to nix the data. I want data though, it makes life so much more convenient! So I put together all the best phones and plans (all prepaid so that I can quit if I get in a money pickle without having a huge fee!) for you to peruse. These are my idea of a great deal, and I highly recommend them. Feel free to ignore the phone advice and just enjoy the illustration today if you’d like! Click here for my How-To: how to get a cheap smartphone plan phone gorl 3-12-13-01

how to get a cheap smartphone plan

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