But Seriously, I Would Rather Be Expressive.

So I have been debating over some things art-wise lately. Do I focus more on the time consuming, serious, detailed, and nit-picky art that most illustration agencies love? I can do it, but they take copious amounts of time, and I honestly feel as though they spend too much time on just one little dark corner sometimes. The end result is beautiful, but I just really love expression! I love how just one swipe, one little line, one shadow, one quirk can tell volumes of the artist’s feelings! It can tell you everything you need to know! One arm, one eyelid, one waist, or my favorite: shoulders can be SO expressive. They convey so much emotion, and that is why I love them. I will draw one swipe forty times to convey exactly what I am feeling, and I just love the result. I am not a realistic artist if I have a say about it. Not to say I can’t do it, and just to prove it, I put a little realism (not too much) into this piece today. Of course I mixed it with some of my favorite slash line work, but it’s still there! I do love doing it, just not always, and not as much as my expressionistic forms. Happy Sunday!mixed

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