Over the Rainbow Where Color is Everything

Rainbow 1-2-13

Rainbows are incredible. Just think of all those colors! Every color that can possibly be seen by the human eye, even in the smallest amount is visible in just one rainbow! There are just so many endless possibilities and combinations of those colors for us to look at that we will never run out. And it all starts with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. So today’s art piece has those very colors incorporated into it. Each model is completely created from one color of the rainbow. I did take a bit of artistic liberty in deciding that green and purple skin wasn’t suited to this particular piece (it isn’t of dead people or zombies after all) so I gave them all some orangey-red skin tones. But other than skin, they are all representing one color of the rainbow. Six down, and only billions to go! I love rainbows!

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