Nothing A Little Hot Cocoa Won’t Cure!

snow 1 dec 11 2012Brrrr! It is absolutely frigid this time of year! I am so glad to have my heater and my many, many blankets to keep me warm! I am very sad for all those who are without homes and warm beds to sleep in. It must be so hard to have the bitter cold all around. I wish I could have unlimited blankets to give away for those in need. I love this time of year though, despite the cold. I love the coats and scarves and boots and leg warmers and socks and slippers galore! I love big furry hoods and the pink flush that is on everyone’s cheeks as they bustle through the cold. Of course I like it when I am inside looking out, not when I am shivering and bustling around myself! I hope you all keep warm and enjoy my bundled up girl as a drawing for today. And don’t forget to stay warm!

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