Art Is Life. Basically.

12-7-12bToday I present to you a video. I created it to show how unique I am and how important art is in life. I think throwing art onto an empty wall is never a bad thing, and I also believe that art inspires a fuller and richer life. I surround myself with all types of art, and even though all my art supplies don’t always have a home (well, unless you count the floor a home) I definitely wouldn’t be the same person without the arts. I have had such great experiences with painting, crafting, ceramics, digital artwork, and even things like embossing and scrapbooking lend a hand to the world that is art. I love nothing more than to see a gorgeous drawing I’ve done gain appreciation, and I love creating actual dresses and clothing from designs I’ve drawn and dreamed. If you feel like you can’t do art, think again. It is everywhere, from the boxes of Apple products to the welcome signs at Disney World and animated movies. Art is life, and art is awesome.

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