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So today I decided that although Facebook is a great outlet for people to post Pintrest pictures and tell friends and family a whole bunch of meaningless things every hour, it isn’t satisfying my needs as a professional. I want to be out there in the world more and I think that the steps I have taken will help me with this goal. If you are reading this, I’ve succeeded in making somebody show interest in my work enough to click on this blog post. Congrats! (To me, not you). I am now active on twitter and google plus, and I plan on updating frequently. I have a goal: I am going to upload 5 new pieces of art every week! Digital comps and sketches work as a piece so keep looking because in the next couple of months I plan for my Twitter and G+ to explode with glorious artwork and fashion design. If you have been reading this entire post, Congrats. (To you this time) and I hope you’ll check out my plethora (Yes I just used that word) of links I am about to bombard you with. Here you go. Enjoy, and keep checking back to see more art like the image I posted today.

Etsy shops:

Chic By Amber (More artwork coming soon!)

Dream Bigger Designs


Sew It Simple




Amber Barker

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